Catalan mayors, another driving force for an independence referendum

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Mayors and town councils in Catalonia represent one of the most active parts of the pro-referendum movement. Up to 920 municipalities –out of 947– have recently approved motions in support of the consultation vote. This means that 97% of them have sided with the Catalan government on its push for a referendum. Last weekend the representatives of those municipalities –mayors and councillors– staged a massive display of unity with a gathering in Barcelona [see picture above].

Vilaweb | Catalonia walks towards November’s independence vote while Madrid continues vetoing it
They first gathered in Barcelona’s Town Hall, hosted by the Catalan capital’s Mayor. Then, they all walked towards the Catalan Government’s palace, called the Generalitat, located on the other side of the Sant Jaume Square. Once there, they delivered the motions of support to the President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas. Through this action, Catalan municipalities wanted to show that they are part of the self-determination process and that they are willing to work for it, a reminder that this movement extends far beyond the Catalan Government and a few political leaders,;it is rooted throughout the whole of Catalonia.

The Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia interviewed seven of those mayors and published the following video:

The Spanish government has responded by warning the town councils, via official letter, against any move of the local public servants towards a referendum:

El País | The government warns city council secretaries against the consultation [in Spanish] The delegate of the Spanish government in Catalonia, Llanos de Luna, has sent a letter to city council secretaries reminding them of the suspension of the pro-independence consultation by the Constitutional Court, and issuing a warning that the town councils can not collaborate with any preparations. This move has outraged the Catalan government, which has called it “inelegant” and the result of “political prejudice”.