Monday, May 19, 2014

Catalan MonitorNews Roundup

1. Spanish government to force closure of Catalan TV channels

The Catalan government has called a press conference to denounce Spain’s intentions of shutting down a handful of Catalan public TV channels. According to the spokesman of the Catalan government, Francesc Homs, TVC (Televisió de Catalunya) will need to drop from the current 8 channels to just 4, leaving the percentage of available Catalan-language TV channels to below 15% of the offer, and confining the language to a minority status on the small screen.

The Spanish government has alluded to “technical” measures to order the closure, which Homs has dismissed as “bad excuses”:

Vilaweb | Spanish State demands that Catalan Public TV shut off half its channels
“Homs warned that the decision goes straight to the heart of the public television company and could mean giving up high definition broadcasting or “completely and definitively burying” any hopes of reciprocity with the Balearic Islands and Valencia. The Spanish government decision would be taken with all public channels, such that TV3 would no longer be able to seen in the Balearic Islands, where they are currently broadcast through IB3’s second multiplexer.”

2. Scotland & Catalonia discussed in first-ever EU election debate

Mirror | What did the European Commission President candidates say about Scottish Independence in the EU TV debate?
“Not conclusive, but seems like an independent Scotland would have a better chance of staying in the EU if the Greens got in. Everybody else seemed a bit unconcerned about what would happen, except for Martin Schulz, who kind of implied they would be booted out and treated like an accession country.”
Read more about this story at Vilaweb or watch the full debate at the European Parliament website.

3. Shakira and Catalan music

The English-born writer Matthew Three writes about the recent “scandal” when the Colombian singer Shakira, married to Barça player Gerard Piqué, recorded a song in Catalan and faced tons of abuse from Spanish radicals on the social networks.

Catalonia Today | Love Shak –made available by Miquel Strubell–
“Shakira’s latest album – intriguingly called ‘Shakira’ – was released last month and features a version of ‘Boig per tu’ in the Catalan original; however, the edition of the album which includes ‘Boig per tu’ is for the Latin American and Spanish markets only (Anglo-American buyers don’t get to hear it). I could have told Shakira’s PR people – had I managed to get within waving distance of any of them – that they were making a big mistake, and that the Catalan version should have been available for the Latin American and Anglo-American markets, but not, under any circumstances, for the Spanish one. Thus, the inevitable might have been avoided: a Spain-generated spate of hate tweets sent to the Colombian star, for having dared to record a song in Catalan.”